Calculus Foundations: A Quick Prep for Machine Learning

Categories: Math & Physics
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About Course

Dive into the foundational concepts of calculus, tailored for those looking to step into the world of machine learning. This course is inspired by the renowned “Essence of Calculus” series by 3Blue1Brown. With each lesson, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of calculus principles through intuitive visualizations and explanations.

What Will You Learn?

  • The foundational concepts and the true essence of calculus.
  • Understanding derivatives, their paradox, and their geometric interpretations.
  • The significance of Euler's number 'e' in calculus.
  • Techniques of implicit differentiation and its applications.
  • The concept of limits, L'Hôpital's rule, and the rigorous epsilon-delta definitions.
  • The integral connection between area and slope.
  • Deep dive into the fundamental theorem of calculus and its implications.
  • Insights into higher-order derivatives and their significance.
  • A comprehensive understanding of Taylor series and its applications.
  • Visual techniques to understand and visualize derivatives and integrals.

Course Content

Calculus Foundations
Unlock the mysteries of calculus with our curated course, designed as a primer for machine learning enthusiasts.

  • Understanding the Paradox of the Derivative
  • Geometry Behind Derivative Formulas
  • Chain Rule & Product Rule Visualization
  • The Magic of Euler’s Number (e)
  • Diving Deep into Implicit Differentiation
  • Exploring Limits, L’Hôpital’s Rule & Epsilon Delta Definitions
  • The Beauty of Integration & The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  • Connecting Area with Slope
  • Exploring Higher Order Derivatives
  • Unraveling the Taylor Series
  • A Different Way to Visualize Derivatives

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